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Terrified dog found abandoned and wearing T-shirt in 30c weather

Written by Samantha Lade, Donr

Published on Wednesday, 4th July 2018

Terrified dog found abandoned and wearing T-shirt in 30 degree weather

A scared and vulnerable dog was recently discovered roaming the streets of North West London, wearing a T-shirt in almost 30 degree weather.

The three-year-old mixed breed, named Fizz, was found by a member of the public at Roundwood Park in Brent.

Fizz was wearing a pink dog T-shirt and a collar with no tag, and was clearly terrified and in desperate need of care upon rescue.

Shortly after, she was brought in to animal welfare charity Mayhew, to be looked after.

Janet Nobbs, Head of Kennels at Mayhew, said: 'There are many risks and dangers for an animal roaming the streets on their own, whatever the weather, but it was almost 30 degrees on that day.

'When I took Fizz's T-shirt off I could feel the heat coming off her body.

'There were scabs on her chest and tummy where the skin had become really sore and her front legs were pretty much bald.

'Although she was very timid, she seemed happy to be picked up. I could tell she was grateful to finally be safe and she knew we were here to help her.'

Upon arrival, Fizz was not microchipped and so her owner could not be identified by Mayhew.

Suspecting she was abandoned, Fizz was given a thorough health check by Mayhew's Vet team at their on-site Community Vet Clinic. The team prescribed medicated baths twice a week and a cream to sooth her sore skin, as well as giving her vaccinations and anti-parasite treatment to deal with any ticks or fleas.

Janet continued: 'After a week with us, Fizz began to look a lot better. She was gradually feeling more comfortable eating as she got to know us, her skin was healing nicely and her fur was starting to grow back.

'Our amazing team of staff, students and volunteers assessed Fizz and provided her with everything she needed to get her ready for her forever home.'

As soon as Fizz was fully vaccinated and neutered, she was ready for adoption and quickly found a new forever home.

To find out more about Mayhew, please visit their website.