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#RunningforSuz: Team of family and friends honour Suzie by taking part in Robin Hood Half Marathon

Written by Samantha Lade, Donr

Published on Monday, 24th September 2018

#RunningforSuz: Team of family and friends remember Suzie by taking part in Robin Hood Half Marathon

A team of 30 friends and family are preparing to run this year's Robin Hood Half Marathon in memory of 32-year-old Suzie Donnelly, who died earlier this year from cancer.

The team is headed up by Suzie's husband, Jack, and best friend Alex Morley. They are aiming to raise £10,000 for local charity Treetops Hospice Care, who provided care for Suzie.

Jack, who is 32-years-old from Long Eaton, explained: 'Suzie started getting poorly at the end of last September. Ten years before she had cancer, and had been going for regular check-ups at the hospital in Sheffield and getting the all clear. But, it transpired that cancer had come back and spread to other parts of her body.

'Everything happened so quickly. In December, we were told it was terminal and she sadly passed away three weeks later.

'Suzie was my amazing wife, she was so special, sweet and kind. We were married and planning our future, that's one of the saddest parts of it. To be told that gut-wrenching news that the cancer had returned – it was the cruellest and saddest thing I've ever had to deal with.'

Treetops Hospice Care, based in Risley, provides nursing care and emotional support for adults with life-limiting conditions living in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. 

The charity provided Suzie with complimentary therapy at home.

'Suzie's health had deteriorated so we didn't want her to walk long distances. One of the therapists came and gave her a massage at home and that was the biggest smile we managed to get out of her all over Christmas.

'I knew a bit about Treetops before and what hospices did but we never thought we'd be in the situation where we'd use the services.

'I've never felt more helpless and more useless in my whole life, so for someone to ring me and tell me what they could do, it was really amazing.'

Treetops now supports Jack with regular counselling and the Half Marathon – which takes place on 30th September – is one of the ways in which he and his friends are remembering Suzie.

Jack had previously completed the Half Marathon in 2016 – the year him and Suzie had gotten married. He is now running it again to raise money for Treetops.

'There's about 30 of us doing it now – a mix of mine and Suzie's friends, and their friends, and some work colleagues of mine. Our running vests hashtag is #runningforsuz!'

Treetops services include Support and Information, a Day Care Unit, Hospice at Home nurses and Therapeutic Services including counselling, art therapy and complementary therapy.