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Could you take on the #GoPlasticFree challenge this July to help fight plastic pollution?

Written by Marine Conservation Society, Donr

Published on Thursday, 28th June 2018

Could you take on July's #GoPlasticFree challenge to help fight the planet's plastic pollution nightmare?

With more plastic than fish (by weight) in our seas predicted to be a possibility by 2050, our reliance on plastic in all its forms is clear: we're in a plastic pickle.

That is why charity Marine Conservation Society – the UK's leading marine charity – is once again inspiring the public to take on their annual Plastic Challenge; by asking people to give up single-use plastics and #GoPlasticFree this July.

Recent MCS beach cleaning data revealed a rise of 180% of plastic litter found on beaches in the last two decades, posing a huge threat to wildlife and humans. 

Simon Reeve, TV presenter and MCS Ocean Ambassador, said: 'Our planet is becoming poisoned by plastic.

'The vast amount in our oceans has become an environmental emergency as a direct result of our throwaway society. That's why I'm supporting thousands of people living without single use plastic this July as part of the challenge. 

'Don't just get depressed about plastic – stop using it!'

The charity has run the Plastic Challenge for the last four years – and has been supported by BRITA UK since 2016.

Single use plastics which people are being encourage to give up includes food packaged in plastic, plastic water bottles, plastic milk bottles, shower gels, toothpaste and pasta... to name just a few.

Dr Sue Kinsey, MCS Technical Specialist, said: 'This is a challenge that you can make as easy or as hard for yourself as you like.

'Some things are really tough to replace, however much you want to replace however much you want to give up single use plastic.

'But, however you choose to do it, you won't fail to realise just how reliant on plastic we've become.'

Amongst the hardest things people found to replace were milk containers, dried goods packaged in single use plastic (such as pulses), loo roll and toothpaste.

Last year, Challengers even made their own bread, yogurt, cleaning and bathroom products like mouthwash and sugar scrubs.

This year, the charity hopes that even more people will get stuck in – especially after BBC's Blue Planet II brought the issue of plastic pollution in our seas into the UK's sitting rooms at the back end of last year.

MCS has also written a book on living life without plastic, titled "How to Live Plastic Free – a day in the life of a plastic detox".

Becky Widdowson, BRITA UK's Marketing Director, said: 'One or two small changes such as carrying a refillable bottle or a reusable bag or opting out of disposable bottled water when we buy our lunch or go to the gym, could have such an enormous impact.'

You can sign up to take part in the Plastic Challenge by visiting the MCD website.