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Bristol charity help the Big Bike Revival to encourage the 42% owning a bike they never use to rediscover the joy of cycling

Written by Samantha Lade, Donr

Published on Friday, 22nd June 2018

Bristol's Big Bike Revival is encouraging the 42% who own a bike they never use to rediscover joy of cycling

People in Bristol are being urged to fall in love with their bikes again as part of a national drive by the cycling charity, Cycling UK.

Cycling UK has pledged to get at least 25,000 people back into cycling nationwide by the end of the summer as part of its Big Bike Revival project.

Bristol-based charity Life Cycle UK is lending a hand by putting on events at The Life Cycle Hub, located in the carpark of Horfield Prison.

Anyone can turn up and receive a free bike check-up, or purchase on of the charity's professionally refurbished bikes, at an affordable price.

Fun for the whole family, the aim is to encourage the 42% of the population who own a bike but never use it to rediscover the joy of cycling.

James Scott, Cycling UK's Director of Development, said: 'We've found that people sometimes just need that extra helping hand to build cycling into their lives and that's where we're able to help.

'Often people tell us they don't use their bikes because they either lack the confidence or skills, or their bike needs a bit of TLC.

'Our events in Bristol aim to tackle those barriers and encourage everyone to join and learn again to enjoy the ride.'

Last year, the Big Bike Revival fixed around 1,600 bikes and helped around 18,500 take up cycling as a regular activity.

This year, the project is aiming to reach more people and restore more bikes.

Chrissie from the Life Cycle Hub, said: 'We're so excited to offer this fantastic opportunity for free, thanks to the Big Bike Revival.

'If you don’t own a bike, you can purchase a refurbished one at a very reasonable price. We have a fantastically varied selection of kids’ and adults’ bikes, so come and have a browse!'

Cycling is not only fun, but had proven and profound health, social and environmental benefits. Only 17% of people in Britain cycle at least once a week, despite 25 million people owning a bike.

The Big Bike Revival runs from 4th May until 28th July. You can find full details on the website.