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Arosa Sanctuary welcomes first resident as last Serbian dancing bear arrives at new Swiss home

Written by Samantha Lade, Donr

Published on Thursday, 12th July 2018

Arosa Bear Sanctuary welcomes first resident as last Serbian dancing bear arrives at new Swiss home

An international animal welfare organisation have successfully transferred a bear who was being kept in a cage on the site of a circus to a fantastic new home.

Charity Four Paws brought the bear, called Napa, to the Arosa Bear Sanctuary in Switzerland on Wednesday 4th July.

Napa had previously been found with Corona, a Serbian circus, where it is assumed he was kept in a small cage on the site of the circus for many years. Whether he actually performed in the circus ring is unknown.

There has been a ban on wildlife in circuses in Serbia since 2009 – yet, it took a combined effort from Four Paws and local authorities to confiscate Napa and place him in a zoo until a more long-term home could be found for him.

The journey was far from straightforward – consisting of roughly 1,400km of travel, 28 hours of transport and a cable car ride.

After being sedated by Four Paws veterinarians, Napa was loaded into a bear ambulance as he started his journey to a better life. Along the way, air conditioning and ventilation systems ensure the well-being of the bear.

However, once the team arrived in Arosa, they were faced with a few challenges.

Carsten Hertwig, Bear Expert at Four Paws, said: 'The transport cage with Napa in it weighed about 550kg. Transporting it from the bear ambulance to the gondola was a logistical masterpiece.

'I am very happy that everything went so well and that Napa finally arrived in his forever home.'

Now that Napa has arrived at Arosa Bear Sanctuary, he will be able to slowly get used to his new surroundings and explore the area under the supervision of vets and animal caretakers.

Then, Napa will move on to a large outdoor enclosure where he will be able to roam more freely.

Pascal Jenny, President of the Arosa Bear Foundation, said: 'We have been waiting so long for him. Finally he is here, our first bear. All of Arosa is pleased that Napa has found a lifelong home with us in the beautiful Arosa mountains.'

Thanks to its geographical location, the Arosa Bear Sanctuary in Grisons offers altitude, slope and natural vegetation – a habitat very close to the natural environment of the animals.

After construction work earlier in the year, the official opening of the Arosa Bear Sanctuary will take place later this year from the 3rd to 5th of August.

For more information about Four Paws, visit their website.