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Animal charity thank Tesco Customers for creating amazing 'Snuffle Run' space for dogs

Written by Editorial Team, Donr

Published on Tuesday, 17th July 2018

Animal charity thank Tesco Customers  for creating an amazing space for dogs

Oak Tree Animals' Charity has received £4,000 from Tesco Bags of Help Grant Programme to create a 'Snuffle Run' for dogs in their community woodland at Oak Tree Farm.

This money, voted for by Tesco customers, has developed an enclosed space where dogs can run off-lead – exploring, snuffling and enjoying the woodland environment in Wetheral, Carlisle.

This facility not only benefits the dogs in the care of Oak Tree who are looking to find their forever homes, but also dogs within the community who need a secure space to be able to run off lead and explore.

Sarah Batty, Fundraising and Communications Manager at Oak Tree, explains: 'We would like to thank Tesco Customers for their generosity in voting for our project to receive this funding.

'The creation of this amazing space for dogs not only supports the animals in our care with an enriched training and play environment, but also helps us with our community work to provide a safe, off-lead space to exercise and mentally stimulate dogs which may otherwise need to be given up for adoption by loving owners.

'In 2017, over 40% of our intake calls for dogs were directly related to unwanted behaviours, many of which can be helped by appropriate exercise and mental stimulation.

'We hope that this facility can also be used to keep pets and owners together. We really cannot thank Tesco and their customers enough for making this happen.'

For further information about Oak Trees Animals' Charity and it's work please visit their website.