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After his home was beset by violence and his new school bombed, Save the Children saved young Rami's dream of an education and a future

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Published on Thursday, 25th January 2018

When Rami had to flee his home due to violence and then saw his new school bombed, Save the Children saved the young Syrian boy's dream of an education and a future

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Rami*, 9, sits behind his desk in a school supported by Save the Children in northern Syria.

Before the troubles tore his world apart, nine-year-old Syrian, Rami* lived with his family in a beautiful home overlooking a city. When the violence started, however, and the school in the village to which has family fled to escape it, was bombed, he feared he would never achieve his dream of becoming a lawyer like his father.


In the year of the fifth anniversary of the start of the Syrian conflict, it is estimated that more than 2.5 million children unable to attend school due to being displaced by the violence or due to their schools being attacked.

Until recently, Rami was one of them. 

‘It was after school and I was doing my homework when we heard the siren,’ he recalled. ‘We ran downstairs and heard a big explosion. I was scared.’ 

The young Syrian boy is recalling the moment a bomb hit the nearby school he had been attending for a number of months. Rami and his family had fled their home in a city due to the violence erupting around them and had made a new home in a village where they hoped they would be safe.

"If they keep bombing schools, I won't be able to study."



The terror, however, caught up with them. After learning their old home had been hit by two missiles and that his son’s new school had been bombed, Rami’s father told him that it was no longer safe to go out to study every day.

Now resigned to spending his days at home, rather than at school learning, the young Syrian was devastated. ‘I want to be a lawyer like my father, but I have to study very hard to be like him, and if they keep bombing schools, I won't be able to study,’ he said.


For one so young, Rami was deeply concerned about how being unable to attend school would affect his future. ‘I will remain at home doing nothing,’ he worried, ‘In the end, I will become a scavenger!’

Happily, Save the Children was on hand to help. The charity supports a school removed from the violence where Rami is able to attend safely. Free to learn, he continues to work towards his dream of following in his father’s footsteps, but there are so many more children in the area who urgently need assistance.

*Name changed to protect identity.