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7 Top Tips from Anxiety UK to help you manage stress

Written by Samantha Lade, Donr

Published on Thursday, 5th April 2018

7 Top Tips from Anxiety UK to Help You Manage Stress

Stress – all of us will experience it at some point, whether it be from our jobs, education, or other responsibilities. So, to mark the beginning of Stress Awareness Month this April, Anxiety UK are sharing their seven Top Tips to help you take control of your worries and work towards a life as free of stress as possible. 

1. Take part in a physical activity

Anxiety UK report that exercise is a great way to release the pent up tension that stress and anxiety can cause. It can also act as a distraction, as you are focused on how your body is moving (and balancing!).

2. Try keeping a diary

Make a note of the situations which have triggered a significant feeling of stress, as well as how you reacted to them. It's a great way to examine how to become better at managing stress and what areas of your life are causing you the most alarm, say the charity.

3. Get plenty of rest

Your body is better equipped to fight stress if you're well-rested. Give yourself enough time to recharge by getting some early nights and making sure you're taking time to relax before bed.

4. Make time to giggle

Laughter might not be the best medicine, say Anxiety UK, but it's certainly a very good one. You probably don't feel like a good hearty laugh when you're feeling stressed – but laughter relaxes the body and triggers the release of endorphins.

5. Eat well, drink well 

Caffeine and alcohol can both exacerbate feelings of stress and worry. As tempting as it is to use chocolate or pizza as a coping mechanism, in times of stress, making sure that you're nourishing your body will give you more energy.

6. Try meditatation

The charity suggest that taking a moment of calm in a hectic day can be an incredibly effective way of releasing stress. Taking a moment to reflect and breathe can help you gain a new perspective on stressful situations.

7. Consider professional Support

Therapy is no longer seen as something that only happens in a crisis, say Anxiety UK. In fact, many choose to access support as an early intervention to take control of their stress and anxiety before it becomes too overwhelming. Anxiety UK provide counselling and CBT to help their members manage anxiety, stress and anxiety-based depression.

These tips come from Anxiety UK's brilliant new booklet 'Stress and Anxiety: A Brief Guide', which can be downloaded for FREE this Stress Awareness Month by clicking here. The guide explores causes, symptoms, and contains activities and further tips to combat your stress.